Implementing Error Analysis in Your Math Classroom

Implementing Error Analysis in Your Math Classroom

Too often teachers see students make the same mistakes over and over.  It’s been marked wrong, it’s been corrected for them, or it has been re-explained but nothing seems to make a difference.  Time to try error analysis!  When students become the teacher, they get a new perspective on the topic.  They need to analyze mistakes - not just stuff them into a folder never to be looked at again.  Check out these great ideas for implementing error analysis in your math class:

You’ve Got Math Talent!
Based on the popular television show, four judges ask questions about possible errors made in the featured work.  This process helps students to look over specific steps to determine whether it was completed correctly or incorrectly.  Students then place an “X” in the box where the answer is no (ie the error) and demonstrate the correct steps.  There is usually one mistake, but there can be none or two to ensure student work is thorough. These error analysis sheets are perfect for warm ups, in-class packet practice, stations, homework, and more!

Implementing Error Analysis in Your Math Classroom

Check out available topics, including:

Here’s what other educators are saying about these resources:
“What a great way to see if students really understand.”  -Mary M

“This activity was similar to a concept cartoon which is a literacy strategy I recently learned about at a PL.  I loved the creativity of the character names and so did my students.”  -Joy M

“I love having students find the errors…it really makes them think!”  -Elizabeth C

Try this free sample in your classroom!

PS - The clipart is by the super talented Sarah Pecorino Illustration!

Algebra Error Detection Practice
In this FREE worksheet by Mrs. E Teaches Math, students analyze common errors made in algebra.  This resource is designed to facilitate discussion among peers in order to more deeply understand the mathematical concepts.  This is a truly meaningful way to address these common misconceptions!  You can learn more about math misconceptions in geometry on Karrie’s blog.

Implementing Error Analysis in Your Math Classroom

Tyra from Algebra and Beyond has a super creative set of resources for Error Analysis.  Errorgram is modeled after Instagram.  Students identify, explain, and correct errors in a fun, relatable format.  Once the activity is completed, it also makes great classroom decor!  Learn more about these resources in this blog post. 
Implementing Error Analysis in Your Math Classroom

Quiz Evaluation
Quiz evaluations are a great reflective process that I have always used after a quiz.

Students fill in:
-Name of the Assessment
-Strength – This is something they did well.
-Challenge – This is something they struggled with.
-For each question where they lost points, students fill in the problem number, topic, number of points lost, then they check whether it was a simple mistake or they didn’t understand.
-Corrections or reflection are completed on the back.

Students learn to identify and fix their OWN errors.  This is a strategy that I implement after a formative assessment, such as a quiz, so that students learn from their mistakes and – hopefully – do not make the same error on the summative assessment, or test.

I am offering this handout exclusively free for blog readers here.
This resource is part of my Classroom Forms set:
Implementing Error Analysis in Your Math Classroom

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