Self-Checking Math Activities

self-checking math activities

Whether you have large class sizes or small groups that require lots of individual attention, self-checking math activities are a win!  Here are some ideas to incorporate into your math class:

self-checking math activitiesPerfect as an activator or summarizer, seated scavenger hunts allow students to rearrange cards to practice with math concepts.  To create a seated scavenger hunt, each student will need a worksheet mat, 8 cards (each with a practice problem and answer to the previous problem), scissors, and glue sticks.  Students choose one math problem to start with, solve it, then look for the answer at the top of another card.  Then they solve the problem on that card, and continue until all cards are in order.  Once they are confident that everything matched up, they glue the cards on the worksheet mat.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get your students moving and practicing math!  They start at one problem, and the answer leads them to the next, and so on.  Students enjoy moving around the classroom and they can feel confident in their math answers when they find the answer at the top of another station.  This can be completed individually or in pairs.

self-checking math activitiesColor-by-Number Activities
In my experience, students with high anxiety really benefit from color-by-number activities.  Students solve math problems, look for their answer in the key, then confidently and calmly color the appropriate sections of a picture.  This type of resource has been a hit among my high school math students.  I especially love to use the artwork by Sarah Pecorino Illustration.

In this self-checking activity, students work in pairs to solve math problems.  Each partner solves a different problem, but the two answers match.  Students check to ensure they end up with matching answers with one another, then look for their answer in the key… double checking for extra confidence!  These Free to Discover resources are always themed for extra engagement.

Looking for some additional ideas?

Battle My Math Ship - This is a super engaging math activity created by Tyra at Algebra and Beyond.  My students really enjoy this self-checking partner activity.  It feels like a game!

Solve and Snips – Created by Jennifer of Smith Curriculum and Consulting, these activities actively engage students in problem solving.  Students appreciate the hands-on aspect!

Solve ‘n Check Task Cards – These are such a fun way for students to practice math using task cards.  Thank you Shana at Scaffolded Math and Science!  I cannot wait to try these myself.

Math Brain Busters - Created by Alex the Middle School Math Man, these brain busters are engaging and self-checking!

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