Choose Your Challenge: A Differentiation Strategy

Okay, let's see if I can hit the nail on the head.
You want to differentiate for your students, but you don't know where to begin.
Or you want to meet the needs of all learners, but you are so overwhelmed and don't have enough time to do everything you need to do.
Or perhaps you haven't yet figured out how to make everything work in the digital environment we're living in.

Deep breath. Today I am going to give you two simple methods that you can utilize in order to differentiate one lesson. It's time to just start somewhere, and it will make a world of difference.

Method A: Two Levels

In this "Choose Your Challenge" differentiation strategy, you prepare two practice worksheets or activities for the same topic. One worksheet is on-level and one is slightly more advanced so that the students who are ready to move on can continue to be challenged.

When I present this to my students I ask them to be reflective. Do you feel like you need more practice with <insert topic> or are you ready for the next challenge?

Method B: Two Topics

In this strategy, you prepare two practice worksheets for different topics. Both topics are on-level, but students can choose which topic presents more of a challenge to them.

Tell students that there are two topics to choose from.  They should select the topic that they feel they need the most practice with.

You can:
  • Create the two worksheets. They do not need to be pretty. Write the problems you want them to practice on a piece of paper and copy.
  • Select two sets of practice problems out of your textbook. Most textbooks will increase the difficulty of practice problems as you move down the problem set. There can even be some overlap between the two assignments. For two topics, work from two different sections.
  • Find the two worksheets on websites like You may need to do a little digging, but you will often be able to find two levels on the same topic. They also have tons of available topics to choose from!
  • Purchase the worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers! I am super passionate about differentiation. Let me do the work for you!
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