3 Tips for Planning Digital Stations


3 tips for planning digital stations

So you have all of these wonderful stations activities that you've planned in the past, and now you can't use them as you have in previous years because, well, COVID. Stations are a great way to engage students in review activities! We can still keep many of the benefits of stations in mind as we plan digital stations. In this post, I'll share 3 tips for planning effective digital stations for your math classes.

Tip #1: Check for understanding by using a recording tool such as Vocaroo.

What I love most about stations is that I can listen in on math conversations and gage understanding of the topic students are practicing. Sadly, this type of interaction is often lost in a remote learning environment. I love using tools such as Vocaroo to have students record his or her thinking for me. Students can use the site to easily record an audio clip of their mathematical thinking. Then they can share the link so I can listen and provide feedback. This is a million times more valuable than answers on a page. Being able to hear my students talk through a math problem provides valuable data; not to mention it can help with relationship-building and classroom climate, too!

Tip #2: Promote collaboration among students using Google Slides and Google Meet.

Collaboration among students is essential to successful stations. To continue doing so digitally, use breakout rooms and Google Slides to continue collaboration among students. Students can "share" Google Slides with group members so that everyone's work is on the same slide. By placing students in breakout slides in Zoom or Google Meet, students can chat about the math as they type and work together. And I can pop into the group to monitor progress and answer questions. Any opportunities for students to connect with one another in a digital way is a positive step toward community, collaboration, and mental health.

Tip #3: Keep students on track by inserting a timer on your slides.

When I plan stations in the classroom, I project a timer on the board so that students have an awareness of how much time they have to work. This keeps systems working in a timely and orderly fashion. This strategy can adapted in a digital environment, too, by adding a timer to your Google Slides. Go to Insert --> Video. Then search YouTube for a 5-minute countdown timer. This will place a timer directly on the slides of your choice, and will keep students focused on the task at hand. This is especially helpful when using stations as part of a live virtual class in order to make sure students get the work done in the allotted period of time.

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Thanks for reading! What other activities are you working on making digital?

3 tips for planning digital stations

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