How to Convert Any PowerPoint into a Math BINGO Game for Remote Learning

 BINGO has long been one of my favorite ways to review math concepts with my secondary math students. Now I'm teaching about 100 seventh and eighth grade math students remotely, and my traditional version of the game is tricky, if not impossible.

Introducing BINGO 2.0: a fun, interactive review game for distance learning!

All you need is a question and answer PowerPoint with animations so that the answer doesn't show up right away. Prepare 15-18 math practice slides.

On each slide include a unique random number between 1 and 24 that will appear after the answer. More on this in a moment...

It's helpful to have the chat box activated on whichever video communication platform you are using. I am currently using Zoom, and I have the chat set up so students can only type directly to me.

And, finally, a digital BINGO board! I'm including my BINGO board here for free download.

How it works:

1) Before the game, have students set up their BINGO board. They drag-and-drop the numbers 1-24 - one number per box. This makes it so you can use this BINGO board for ANY game. Remember those random number you included on each slide? They represent the number that students can cover up on this board!

2) Share your screen with students so that they can see the question. They work on it on their own at home using something to write with and something to write on.

3) Students type their answers into the chat box. Give them some time warnings so that they can get their answers in.

4) Release the next animation to show the random number. If they got the question correct, they can cover up the random number on their BINGO board.

5) Repeat!

I have sets of Common Core-aligned math practice in Power Point form that could easily be converted into a digital BINGO game. They are now available in PowerPoint form & digital task card form. Shop here.

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