Students CAN love math!

Hi, I'm Amanda,

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Since 2015, I have been helping middle school and high school math teachers learn how to increase class engagement, improve students' math confidence, and enhance math mastery by sharing ideas on the blog; creating high-quality, relevant resources; and offering professional development trainings and courses. My goal is to make a greater impact on student learning by sharing with other teachers what has worked in my professional experience as a secondary math educator.


Let's make math enjoyable!


I will share with you:

✔️ NEW teaching strategies and activities to engage students in math

✔️ RELEVANT math content that makes sense in the real world

✔️ CONSISTENT classroom management tips to build a positive classroom climate

 ✔️ EASY tips for incorporating differentiated instruction into your lessons

...and so much MORE




Amanda has been in the classroom in some form since 2010. She taught 8th grade math for 6 years before transitioning to part-time work while her own kids were young. She offered support to teachers as a math interventionist for grades 5-8, tutor, and curriculum author. In 2019, Amanda re-entered the classroom as a part-time math teacher at an alternative high school, working with students in grades 9-12. In 2020, she served her community as an "extra" math teacher - focusing on the needs of the remote middle school students in her district. In 2021, Amanda officially re-entered the full-time, mainstream classroom as an Algebra 1 and Geometry high school teacher. She continues to offer professional development to teachers throughout the summertime and balances both Free to Discover and her role as a math teacher during the school year. Her variety of experiences give her a unique perspective about the scope and sequence of math education, and she uses that knowledge to coach other math teachers.