5 Types of Teachers During Summer Break

5 Types of Teachers During Summer Break

Summer break is here (or maybe just around the corner)! This much-needed time means different things to different people. Are you ready to get organized, learn something new or binge a new tv series? Maybe you're itching to go on an adventure or visit with friends? The beauty of summer break is that it can be whatever you want it to be! So which of the 5 types of teachers are you during summer break?

The Planner

You might be The Planner if you are already scoping out your new plan book. The Planner is thankful to finally have time to plan the first unit of the new school year. They may be making new activities to try with their students or browsing Teachers Pay Teachers for some back to school fun. Though some of the other teacher-types may not understand, it makes The Planner super happy to feel organized and look ahead at the big picture. Planning, organizing, and dreaming up new lessons gives The Planner the energy they need to recuperate after the busy, stressful school year.

The Adventurer

The Adventurer has already been hiking, camping and kayaking on weekends, and now they are determined to spend the majority of their time exploring new places, pushing their physical limits and meeting new people along the way. They feel refreshed and alive when they are out in nature. Whether they are traveling solo, enjoying the company of a pal or bringing along their best four-legged friend, The Adventurer is determined to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors as much as they can. They may even use this time to visit a new state or country they have never seen.

The Scholar

The Scholar is reflecting on what they could do differently next school year. They are feeling the letdown that comes with the end of the year, and they are making note of some policies that they would like to handle differently next year. The Scholar jumps at the opportunity to take an online course, engage in professional development or read a book about improving their pedagogy. Regardless of whether they had a great school year or a challenging one, they are energized by the thought of organizing their classroom routines differently, engaging students in new activities or trying some strategies that are proven to work in other classrooms.

The Rejuvenator

How many novels will The Rejuvenator enjoy this summer? Answer: as many as she wants! The Rejuvenator is ready for a totally different pace than the regular school year. She plans to read, journal, watch tv, do yoga, nap and take advantage of the time she has off. The Rejuvenator needs time away from anything related to teaching in order to feel refreshed when it is time to go back at the end of the summer. She may take walks, meet a friend for coffee or enjoy a coastal drive. The Rejuvenator will spend the time refreshing her soul and "filling her bucket."

The Gatherer

The Gatherer has already texted all the friends they have neglected over the past several months. They are planning luncheons, excursions and meetups for their friends. Eager for social connection, The Gatherer plans to connect with someone almost every day, whether that be through a phone call, date or long distance visit. The Gatherer loves hosting friends over the house, cooking for others and initiating game nights. Their idea of a perfect summer evening is sitting around a fire pit with friends and loved ones, sharing stories and enjoying campfire treats.

So which one resonated with you the most: The Planner, The Adventurer, The Scholar, The Rejuvenator or The Gatherer? Maybe you're a combination of two or three? Share this article with a teacher-friend and enjoy comparing your teacher types!

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