think pair share 2.0

Think Pair Share 2.0

Think, pair, share is an effective teaching strategy where students brainstorm independently, check in with a partner, then share as a whole class. It works very well. But recently I started thinking about how to do more to incorporate higher order thinking in this process. After all, Bloom's Taxonomy has been top of mind lately. Introducing... think, group, write, stretch, evaluate, share! Okay, that's a bit much! Can we just call it Think Pair Share 2.0??

How does it work?


After whole class instruction, students spend 5 minutes working through the practice page individually.


Students compare answers in groups of 3-4. Prompt students to start at the top, compare answers, and help each other. The discussion becomes richer when multiple correct answers are possible!


At the whiteboard, write an outline of the assignment. For example, if there are 20 problems, write the numbers 1-20 spread out along the board. Each group sends a representative up to add a couple of answers. Depending on the topic, you may also want them showing all work, too.


Ask groups to send a different representative up to keep adding missing answers. They have to stretch their thinking because many of the basic answers are already posted.


Circle incorrect answers. Ask students to come up and change an answer as they find mistakes. They can correct anyone’s work. No one's name is associated with the problems. I think this gives students the confidence to try because it is anonymous.


Wrap up as a whole group. Address any final misconceptions. It's important to praise their efforts for working outside of their comfort zones.

🔆 I love this format, and I hope you and your students do, too!

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